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Do not move beyond your daily stipulated number of verses until you have perfected it’s memorization completely. This is because it will make it stick to your memory. One of the things that make this retention possible is, being busy with your memorization, all day and all night. We might wonder, how is that possible?

It is possible simply by;

  1. Using our daily specified verses in our five prayers as well as our voluntary prayers (especially in the tahajjud [before dawn] prayer).
  2. When we are riding in a car or on a bus or any means of transportation.
  3. Constantly reciting the same portion as we carry out our daily chores and other activities e.t.c.

Repeating the same verses over and over will make retention easier and our memorization stronger. It is similar to laying the foundations of a building. So whoever wants to build a three-story building must ensure that his/her foundation can support a three-story building. Likewise, whoever wants to build a ten-story building must lay a foundation that can support his/her ten-story building. How about the Noble Qur’aan which comprises of thirty parts with numerous similar verses.

We must make an effort to lay a good foundation for every verse we memorize will be added on to the previously memorized verse. If any one of them is not firmly in place, it will affect the perfection of our memorization.

We ask Allah to make easy our affairs and to make the Qur’aan easy for us to memorize perfectly, ameen.


Sneak peek: Step 8 | Do not move on to the next Surah until you have connected the current one from it’s first to it’s last verse.

The source and main material used in preparing the content of this blog is the book, Ways of teaching the noble Qur’aan and memorizing it by Abu Abdrahman, Jamal ibn Ibrahim AlQirsh (طرائق تدريس القرآن الكريم وحفظه).